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Donorcharm – helping nonprofits reach and exceed their fundraising goals through an innovative and intuitive online platform. Making it easy for donors to contribute to your cause, while building a stronger relationship in the process.

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Zero Technical Hurdles

With best in class Interactive SMS Platform.


Raffles, Auctions, And Custom Event Fundraising Tools.


SMS Marketing, Automation, Interactive Donation Incentives.


Promote long-term engagement and high-value interactions with donors.

A Full Suite of
Fundraising Tools


0 + Tools

Digital fundraising does not have to be complicated! Use our conversational SMS approach to keep donors engaged and frustration-free!

LIVE Animated
Event Results

Animated screens display live results of incoming donations while recognizing individual donors throughout the event.

Event Management

Track event registration and ticket sales while maintaining communication with attendees before and after the event.

Donation Challenges

Create a competition between tables/groups at an event live and in-person! Lets donors challenge friends using real-time tools!

Mobile Auctions

 Every generation of your donors can easily send a text message to bid on auction items. Also display real-time bids on our animated results screens.

Raffles & Event Tickets

Makes it even easier for donors to purchase and track raffle tickets. Live results are projected on our screens using customized animations.

Bring your own ideas

Custom tailored tools to meet your fundraising goals.

100+ Creative Designs

your Donors.

Select from any of our carefully crafted animated templates to best fit your organization’s style and branding. If nothing matches, we’ll build a completely custom solution!


0 + Tools

Set of outstanding and creative layouts along with endless design options will bring your showcase to the highest level.

SMS Marketing
& Interaction

 Dramatically extend the reach of your marketing efforts by making it easy for Donor to interact via SMS

Automated Followup

Custom automated responses can help you get fast results with personalized messages tailored to your organization’s campaign.

Real Time Impact

Keep donors aware of the actual amount raised and the desired fundraising goal to reach with an updating visual. Inspire them to keep giving!

Recurring Donations

Showcase your products along with a quick view feature.

Challenge A Friend

Upon completing a donation, give donors an option to challenge a friend to do the same.

Donor Covered Fees

Allows donors to help cover the donation fees on their gift.



Best features with the latest technologies
to make a modern website.

Automated SMS

Craft a powerful story that can be retold instantly to any person at anytime during their donor journey.

Content Library

Create an interactive set of content that can be used for any campaign.

Instant Feedback

Rely on your donors to help you tell the right story in the right way.

The Right Message
at the Right Time

Donor communication tools that are going to raise you more money!

Reliable and
regular updates.

Get a life-time updates with new features, improvments, and bug fixes.

Auction Item Acquisition

We help our partners acquire an average of $500 of additional in-kind prize donations per event, working with a network of brands who care.

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