March Muttness 2024

Join our influencers and cheer on the teams!

Get ready to unleash your influence and be part of the action at March Muttness 2024! Hosted by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, this exhilarating virtual fundraising Tournament combines friendly competition with a shared goal: supporting pets in need.

Picture this: a thrilling showdown where teams compete not just for victory, but for the hearts of pets in need. And guess what? Every post, every share, every ounce of your influence helps make a difference for pets in need! You’re not just supporting a team — you’re powering the entire event, making magic happen for animals across the country!

So grab your virtual pom-poms, rally your followers, and let’s make March Muttness 2024 the most paw-some event yet! 🐾

Visit and support your favorite animal organizations and shelters for March Muttness!

We have some exciting updates on the March Muttness rounds:

Qualifying Round: Raised over $34,000!

Round 1: Wrapped up with over $53,000 raised!

Round 2: Ended with over $42,000!

Round 3: Raised an unbelievable $71,000!

Round 4: Wrapped up with over $67,000 raised!

Qualifying Round

Start: Monday, March 4 – 11 AM EST
End: Tuesday, March 5 – 11 PM EST

Round 1

Start: Thursday, March 7 – 11 AM EST
End: Saturday, March 9 – 11 PM EST

Champion: Snuggly 16 – Round 2

Second Chance – Round 1

Start: Thursday, March 14 – 11 AM EST
End: Saturday, March 16 – 11 PM EST

Champion: Excellent 8 – Round 3

Second Chance – Round 2

Start: Sunday, March 17 – 11 AM EST
End: Tuesday, March 19 – 11 PM EST

Champion: Furry Four

Second Chance: Furry Four

Start: Thursday, March 21 – 11 AM EST
End: Saturday, March 23 – 11 PM EST

Championship Round 2024

Second Chance: Final Round

Start: Tuesday, March 26 – 11 AM EST
End: Thursday, March 28 – 11 PM EST


Competitive Rounds

Support shelters across the country by engaging in fundraising matchups. Each round pits two shelters against each other to see who can raise the most donations.

Advancing Winners

Successful shelters move forward in the tournament bracket, increasing their visibility and fundraising opportunities.

Dedicated Landing Page

A central landing page will be the hub for all donations, making it easy for your supporters to contribute directly to your chosen shelter’s cause.

Ongoing Fundraising

Even if your chosen shelter doesn’t win a round, your generosity continues to make a difference as the landing page remains active throughout the tournament.

Live Updates

Stay tuned for live updates and follow the action at Witness the progress of the competition with live brackets, and see how your support is making an impact in real-time.

March Muttness Map

National Reach

Amplify your influence on a national stage by showcasing your commitment to animal welfare. Your participation in March Muttness exposes your audience to the important work of shelters across the country.

Community Impact

Rally your followers to join the movement and participate in a fun and meaningful way. By joining March Muttness, you inspire engagement and action among your audience, fostering a sense of community around the shared goal of supporting shelters nationwide.

No Risk, High Impact

Your involvement in March Muttness incurs no upfront costs. All funds raised directly benefit shelters in need, maximizing the impact of your contribution. With minimal effort, you can make a significant difference in the lives of animals and the shelters that care for them.


Your participation in March Muttness 2024 could be a game-changer for your shelter and the pets you support.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a nationwide effort, driving positive change and creating lasting impact.

For questions or further assistance, please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to having you as a part of this incredible movement!