Loteria : A New Twist on Fundraising Events

Loteria Love:
The Fundraising Game-Changer

Experience the thrill of fundraising with a twist! The Loteria fundraising event offered by DonorCharm lets you infuse your fundraising campaign with cultural flair and interactive fun. The concept is adaptable to any theme – from Father’s Day to Veterans Day or even Rescue Dogs – making it versatile for any cause you’re passionate about.

Custom Cards for Big Hearts:
Sponsorships with a Personal Touch

Not only is the event itself engaging, but it also offers an opportunity for individuals or businesses to sponsor custom Loteria cards. The unique aspect of this model is that the sponsorship price is flexible, allowing it to cater to different budgets and making it accessible for everyone. Sponsors can customize the Loteria card with a picture of their choice, providing a personalized touch and a sense of ownership.

Winning Big with Impactful Results

The Loteria events can be virtual or in-person, meaning anyone can join from anywhere. These events are not only entertaining but also offer a platform to engage with your donors actively. Cards are automatically highlighter on a donor’s board to show what cards have been called during the event. Moreover, the flexible nature of the Loteria fundraising concept allows your nonprofit to adapt and shape the event according to its specific needs and objectives. Let’s make fundraising a joyous celebration and create an impact together!