Making Giving a Game-Changer

Tournament-Style Fundraising

In today’s digital age, the landscape of philanthropy is rapidly evolving. While traditional methods of fundraising remain significant, innovative and engaging strategies are paramount to captivate the modern donor. Enter the era of Fundraising Tournaments: a fresh approach that combines the spirit of competition with heartfelt giving. By transforming the fundraising model from passive donation drives to active, themed challenges, we offer nonprofits a way to rally their communities, energize their donor base, and generate more funds than ever before. Dive into the exciting world of fundraising tournaments and discover a game-changing method that’s making waves in the realm of charitable giving.

Themed Tournaments

One of the hallmarks of our platform is the ability for organizations to incorporate themes into their tournaments. For example, the “March Muttness” tournament hosted in partnership with the Tucson Humane Society was themed around March Madness. Each participating “team” had its own basketball-themed donation page.

Engagement Features

To add a personal touch, donors have the option to upload a photo when they make a donation. In the case of “March Muttness”, donors could upload a photo of their pet. These photos were then transformed into themed trading cards, complete with sponsor logos on the back, further adding to the engagement and excitement.

Eligibility and Recruitment

Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations within the United States can participate in these tournaments. Participating nonprofits receive their distinct themed fundraising page and contribute to the overall fundraising total updated on the main tournament website.

To participate, organizations must provide various documents and information, including their logo, a description of their organization, and their payment processor account information, among others.

Promotion and Success

The success of each organization’s campaign is largely dependent on their promotional efforts. While we provide the technical platform and support, the participating organizations are responsible for creating their own promotional materials such as a tournament logo and a flyer. This allows each organization to add their unique flair and voice to the materials, effectively promoting their participation in the tournament.

The implementation of a theme, coupled with the competitive nature of our tournaments, creates an engaging, enjoyable fundraising experience that distinguishes it from traditional methods. This unique approach can help your organization capture donors’ attention and inspire increased contributions!