Creative Kindness

Welcome to “Creative Kindness”, a unique initiative of Nonprofit Exchange, uniting the power of art and altruism right here in El Paso! Our city bustles with a diverse mix of creatives and community-minded individuals, and through this initiative, we aim to harmonize these forces, sparking change one artwork at a time.


“Creative Kindness” is rooted in the understanding that art and philanthropy share a transformative essence, capable of invoking emotions, catalyzing conversations, and driving actions. We harness this shared potency to amplify the impact of our local nonprofit organizations.


Our formula is straightforward yet potent: local artists, bound by their shared commitment to social causes, collaborate on group art projects. These artistic endeavors are thoughtfully crafted, embodying the essence of specific causes or events. The resulting masterpieces are donated to silent auctions, raising much-needed funds to fuel our partner nonprofits’ missions.


From whimsical hand-painted ornaments at Christmas-themed galas to beautifully decorated water bottles supporting water utility assistance programs, each project mirrors a collective dedication to making a difference. All proceeds from these artworks go directly to the respective causes, increasing their capacity to serve our community.


But the “Creative Kindness” initiative transcends fundraising—it provides a platform for our local artists to display their talents, communicate powerful messages, and establish meaningful connections within the community. It’s an enriching symbiosis—artists amplify their outreach and recognition, nonprofits garner additional resources, and the community experiences the magic of art intertwined with benevolence.


We invite you to join us in this heartwarming venture—explore our past projects, meet our extraordinary artists, and discover ways you can contribute to the “Creative Kindness” initiative. Through the merger of art and generosity, we’re crafting a magnificent tapestry of community collaboration. Welcome to the art of giving with Nonprofit Exchange.